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Solutions to Jaan Kalda's Handouts

Jaan Kalda's handouts are beloved by physics students both in for a quick challenge, to students preparing for international Olympiads. These original solution manuals came as a pilot project from the online community at Although there were detailed hints provided, full solutions have never been written. The majority of the solutions seen here were written on a private forum given to those who wanted to participate in making solutions. In an amazing show of an online collaboration, students from around the world came together to discuss ideas and methods and created what we see today.

This project would not have been possible without the countless contributions from members of the community. If you would like to participate, please sign up on AoPS here.

Solutions to mechanics

This handout contains 86 unique problems and 74 main `ideas' revolving around statics, fluids, rotational dynamics, fictitious forces, Lagrangians, and more.

Solutions to kinematics

This handout contains 66 unique problems and 45 main `ideas' revolving around frames of reference, graphical techniques, geometric optics, optimization, and more.

Solutions to Thermodynamics

This handout contains 88 unique problems revolving around the behaviour of fluid flow, gases, surface tension, heat engines, radiation, and more.

Solutions to Relativity

This handout contains a great overview to relativity, introducing kinematics and dynamics through Lorentz Transformations and four-vectors and includes challenging problems from past olympiads.

Solutions to Circuits

This handout contains 111 unique problems and 52 main `ideas' and introduces clever tricks such as Delta-Y, complex impedances, and many more methods to deal with complicated circuit diagrams.

Solutions to Waves

This handout contains 19 challenging problems that give a great overview of various phenomenon that are associated with waves that appears on physics olympaids.

Translation/Solutions to Electromagnetism

Currently an Estonian-only handout, we are translating the 175 challenging problems in electromagnetism, and will be publishing solutions as well.

Translation/Solutions to Celestial Mechanics

Currently an Estonian-only handout, we will be translating the 20 unique and challenging problems involving Celestial Mechanics.