Physics Olympiad Hub

This page is intended for passionate high school students exploring the realm of contest physics. It acts as a resource hub containing detailed notes, handouts, and a wide variety of problems from different olympiads all around the world.

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Here are some of our best original works!

  • Our annual online contest has recently concluded!
  • Translations/Solutions to Jaan Kalda's handouts are underway. If you wish to participate and/or view them, see here.
  • 2020 Mock F=ma Exam - Brought to you by members from the AOPS community. The solutions manual is also available!
  • Stay tuned for more original works! (more solution manuals in progress)

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Resources and Translations

View a comprehensive list of helpful resources. They are either completely original, or hand picked
from pre-existing sources around the internet.

Solutions to Jaan Kalda's Handouts

View elegant solutions manuals to Kalda's favored handouts for olympiad preparation.

Problem Collection

See a collection of problems from past olympiads such as IPhO, APhO, USAPhO, EstFinnPho, CAP, CPhO...
sorted by topic and difficulty.