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Meet the Team

The mission for Physoly is to create a community driven platform to make physics competitions more accessible for everyone, and to connect students from around the world. It is due to the contributions of people like you that this project exists and flourishes in the first place. If you would like to contribute, please fill out this form.

The Main Team

QiLin Xue
QiLin Xue is a freshman at the University of Toronto studying Engineering Science. As the owner of the Physics Olympiad Discord Server with over 3000 students, he enjoys building the online physics community and helping other students. He enjoys riddles and if you ever meet him in person or online, he challenges you to give him your hardest riddle.
Kushal Thaman
Kushal Thaman is a senior from Chandigarh, India. He is an ardent physics and math enthusiast, and was in the top 1% students in India to qualify for the Indian National Physics Olympiad this year. He has also won various medals in other national and international physics and math contests, and is an NTSE scholar. When he's not doing physics or math, Kushal enjoys playing soccer, reading anything he gets his hands on, and playing his favourite piano pieces.
Ashmit Dutta
Ashmit Dutta is a sophomore at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, MN. He started studying physics two years ago, and as of recent, has participated in several physics competitions and olympiads. Whenever he starts a physics problem, he has a nasty tendency to bash it out with the Lagrangian. Apart from physics, he enjoys math, coding, anime, and table tennis. He also loves doing buzzer games and is in his school science bowl club.
Ben Oommen
Ben Oommen is a senior from Dallas, Texas, and is the backend developer of this website and the OPhO contest portal. He especially enjoys applying computer science to physics. Over the summer, he worked at a university to model subpixel sensitivies on an exoplanet detector plane to help increase accuracy of these detections. In physics, his favorite area is electromagnetism. When he is not coding or doing physics, Ben loves working out and playing basketball.
Daniel Yang
Daniel Yang is a senior from Toronto, Canada, and is the developer of PhysBot 2.0. He enjoys studying math and physics, with an interest in designing and building experiments - he has led the Canadian IYPT team for the past two years. He has also participated in the IOAA and various other physics competitions. Aside from physics and math, he enjoys skiing, playing badminton, and reading fantasy novels.

All Contributors

Additionally, we would like to thank the rest of these people for contributing to our projects, whether it is through writing handouts, making solution manuals, translating exams, writing contests, or even behind the scenes technical work. They are listed below by their preferred name, or online username, in no particular order: